Apple Pineapple Mint

Whether you’re a tropical beach bum or a hard-working professional, there’s something here for you. Exotic pineapple mixed with crisp apple and bracing mint makes a refreshing mix. On top of that, it’s loaded with chia seeds and sunny safflower. Do you dare resist this fusion of flavors?

100% natural

No sugar added

Gluten Free

100% healthy reasons

– natural product
– no preservatives
– without artificial colours and flavours
– high content of fibre
– gluten free
– high content of fatty acids Omega -3
– 1 of 5 portion of vegetables and fruits
– appropriate for vegans and vegetarians
– no sugar added
– source of copper, magnesium and phosphor
– 1,6 g of fatty acids Omega-3
– 3,1 g plant based protein
– 3,5 g fibre


– juices from concentrated juice of apples (35%) and pineapples (24%)
– chia seeds – Salvia hispanica (5,3%)
– water
– extract from apple
– safflower and lemon
– extract from peppermint

Nutritional values in 100 ml in 1 portion
200 ml
% NRV*
in 1 portion
Calories 250 kJ / 60 kcal 499kJ / 119 kcal 6%
Total fat 2,1g 4,1g 6%
Saturated fat 0,2g 0,5g 2%
alpha-linolenic acid Omega-3 0,8g 1,6g -
Total carbohydrates 7,4g 14,8g 6%
Sugars 6,9g 1,9g 15%
Fibre 1,8g 3,6g -
Protein 1,6g 3,2g 7%
Salt 0g 0,01g 0%
Copper 0,09mg 0,18mg 18%

Referential value of eating for the incised adult (8400 kJ/2000 kcal).
It contains naturally occurring sugars.

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