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Private Label Wellness Shots

An excellent injection of vitamins and nutrients for your body.

You will find only natural ingredients that take care of immunity, stimulate the body and support concentration.

Shots are aromatic, intense and natural flavor closed in 60 ml bottles.




We specialize in natural functional beverages.

We provide the highest quality products for many years and we have extensive experience in selecting the best raw materials, suppliers and technologists.

We  successfully deliver products under our brand to the retail chains, but also help other brands around the world in developing their portfolio.


Best quality



Ginger Shot – high in ginger

Curcuma Shot – contains turmeric – anti-inflammatory effect

Focus Shot – contains natural caffeine and ginseng extract

Beauty Shot – 1000 mg of collagen; high vitamin C content

Prebiotic Shot – 2000 mg of inulin – chicory fiber

Sleep Shot – contains melatonin for a good night’s sleep

  • Bottle: glass, 60ml, 100ml
  • Sleeve or paper label,
  • low MOQ,
  • Lead time – up to 8 weeks.